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Executive Headteacher's Message

I am extremely pleased to be addressing you as the Executive Headteacher of The Westleigh School.

I am privileged to hold the position of Executive Headteacher and I am proud to work in a school that is rightly recognised as the most improved in the borough.

The schools focus on developing positive working relationships with students and parents/carers is symbolic of our commitment to consistently improve standards.

The school motto of “Aspiring and Achieving Together” accurately captures the shared vision which ensures that leaders at all levels are developing their ability to communicate high expectations.

The Westleigh School places an unrelenting focus on the quality of teaching above all else so that the students are able to grow in a continuously developing learning environment. This positive working atmosphere, combined with the commitment of all staff and academy councillors who strive to get the very best from our students, will allow me to really push the boundaries of academic excellence.

I look forward to continuing to work closely with all parts of the Westleigh family over the coming years so that we can continue on our journey towards becoming a world class institution that fully serves our fantastic community.

With your help, we can ensure every student leaves the school having achieved their full potential and beyond, with a strong sense of community, armed with ambition, ready to be the best that they can be.

I do value your opinions highly and openly invite you to share them with the school, both good and bad. I also look forward to meeting you at events during the course of the school’s academic calendar.

C Bramwell

Executive Headteacher


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Across the Trust we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to curriculum design. We want our pupils, regardless of their starting points and barriers, to believe their curriculum is bold, exciting, purposeful, and ultimately leads to something meaningful for them.

We constantly seek to innovate and provide better opportunities to develop both knowledge and skills for life. This innovation comes in many forms, including extending school days to provide a world-class enrichment programme and additional opportunities for essential skills development; the introduction of vocational and technical pathways to develop work readiness in our pupils, supported by leading employers and universities; co-constructing curriculum across all EBacc subjects, to create world class programmes, rich in knowledge and skills; We are also driving PedTech across the sector, focusing on fully digitally enhanced curriculum and close to 1:1 device delivery.

We are currently at an exciting point in our evolution, with collaboration at the heart of our endeavour. We value the 'power of the pack' and strive as a collective, ensuring no school or colleague is left behind.

We take an evidence-informed approach to developing the quality of our teaching and learning and value a non-hierarchical, supportive approach to developing great teachers.

This approach has led to a significant reduction in workload, meaning colleagues can spend more time on curriculum delivery and fostering strong relationships with pupils.

As a people-focused trust, we consider the professional development of our staff as a fundamental responsibility. Where any schools face any barrier, it has the mutual support of the others to call upon for subject specific or general support. Our directors have a wealth of leadership experience and subject knowledge and support staff across the trust to design and the deliver the very best academic experience to our pupils.

We are looking for ways to improve

The 4 Day Week Campaign believes it would “dramatically improve the lives of teachers”. We are always looking for new ways to improve everyone’s work/life balance at The Westleigh School and we are excited to have been asked to be part of a trial of the 4-Day teaching week for staff whilst continuing to receive full-time pay, which started in September 2023. 

Shaw Education Trust

We are part of Shaw Education Trust.

We are a growing multi-academy trust which places high achievement at the heart of all we do. We lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

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How to Find Us

Easy access from the East Lancashire Road/M6 and M61 motorways. Leigh – Manchester Guided Busway Local train stations include Daisy Hill (Westhoughton) and Hag Fold (Atherton)

How to Find Us

How to Find Us
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